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Property Crimes

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Property crimes can be misdemeanors or they can be serious felony offenses with harsh statutory penalties, depending on the circumstances of the offense. Wisconsin treats property crimes seriously, particularly when the damage is done to an occupied building or results in physical harm to another person.



Being found guilty of a property crime in Wisconsin can result in:



  • A jail or prison sentence that disrupts your life
  • Payment of fines, fees, and restitution you may not be able to afford
  • A lifelong criminal record that can cause employers to refuse to hire you
  • Liability in a civil court if the victim chooses to sue you
  • Problems obtaining or keeping a professional license to work in your chosen career
  • Immigration consequences, including loss of your visa or work permit, denial of your citizenship application, or deportation


A property crime offense can have far-reaching effects on your life. However, with Henry Law Offices mounting a strong defense on your behalf, you may be able to avoid or limit those consequences.



Common Types of Wisconsin Property Crimes


The phrase “property crimes” is a relatively broad term that can describe many different actions for which you may be charged in Wisconsin. Some common examples of property crimes include:


  • Theft: There are many types of theft cases in Wisconsin such as theft by contractor, misappropriation of ID or credit card, forgery.
  • Retail Theft: The most common type of theft is retail theft, or shoplifting. A person commits this crime by taking property from a merchant with the intent to permanently deprive the merchant of the benefit or use of the property and without paying for the property.
  • Burglary: Let us put together an effective strategy for defending you against a burglary charge.
  • Stolen Vehicle: If you have been charged with operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent contact Henry Law Offices today to begin your defense.
  • Arson: You may be charged with arson in Wisconsin when you use fire or explosives to knowingly damage another person’s property.
  • Trespassing: You may be charged with criminal trespass when you knowingly enter someone else’s building or land without their consent or remain there after you have been told to leave.
  • Criminal damage to property: In general, when you knowingly damage someone else’s property, you can be charged with the crime of criminal damage to property in Wisconsin.


If you or someone you know has been charged with a property crime in Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Waukesha, Sturgeon Bay, De Pere or Walworth County contact us for a free consultation at 262-654-5000.